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About BiON

BiON’s acne products achieve control of acne in over 90% of cases because of our comprehensive approach to treating the multiple causes of acne, rather than only focusing on the symptoms. Control in the other 10% of cases can be achieved, but requires BiON acne products in combination with rather simple diet modifications, as discussed on our website. BiON acne products do NOT contain benzoyl peroxide, which has been studied as a probable carcinogen in skin and is associated with the premature aging of the skin. Ingredients in BiON’s acne products effectively kill Propionibacterium acnes bacteria while providing powerful anti-inflammatory benefits and work to keep follicles clear. BiON’s line of acne products includes several acne cleansers and acne treatment products.

BiON products for acne, anti-aging and skin rejuvenation are carefully formulated to improve the health and appearance of human skin using active natural ingredients that produce specific changes within the skin. These products are developed by a dermatologist, a biochemist, and a registered pharmacist who have combined their expertise to achieve highly effective product technology. BiON’s has received recongnition and awards for its development of top products in the skincare industry.


BiON products offer our clients these assurances:

  • Products not tested on animals
  • No harmful preservatives
  • Fragrance due to use of 100% essential oils
  • Respect of the environment including bio-degradable packaging and shipping supplies
  • No petrochemicals, mineral oil
  • No Sulfates
  • No Hydroquinone
  • No Parabens
  • No nanotechnologies
  • No Benzoyl Peroxide


Research published in February 2004 by the University of Washington of 10,000 females, found that females who had used antibiotics approximately 500 days or more over an 18 year period were twice as likely to contract breast cancer as females at large. Previous studies have shown frequent or extended use of antibiotics may be damaging to the body’s immune system. Long-term control or maintenance of acne with antibiotics may involve risks and may be less desirable than effective topical products, having no side effects. So, before you start using Antibiotics – we recommend you to test natural BiON-products first, you will get desired and reliable results safely.

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