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BiON Skin Care products have helped thousands of customers to get amazing results since 1997 - On this page we publish real and genuine experiences from satisfied BiON users. You can also share you own story by sending your review to - Follow us on Facebook and Instagram

"A clients brother lives in France and for years she would say, everything in France is better, from food to skin care. After working on her skin, she began to trust me more with recommendations such as BiON. She is not one to share many flowery words, but each time she has a treatment now she actually raves at how much she loves BiON." - Robin N.

"I was introduced to BiON Research at the Midwest Spa Expo in Chicago, IL. After trying every acne product on the market from Proactive, Murad, Exposed and Clinique nothing has worked to treat my acne like BiON’s Antibacterial Cleanser, Salicylic-Glycolic Gel and Green Tea Clay Poultice has. Instantly my skin started transforming from breakouts and scars to smooth and clear. I can honestly say BiON has changed my life by giving me beautiful skin that I don’t have to hide, cover or be ashamed of anymore. In just 2 months my skin is glowing, healthy and clear of acne. With their outstanding products and service, BiON will continue to be my skin care company of choice." - Stephanie M.

"I am loving the anti-aging products. My mom has been using them and her skin has never looked better. I am also seeing results in my clinic with them." - Kim J.

"This is absolutely the best skin care product on the market. We’ve been using and selling the whole line in our spa for over three years and we will never use a different product." - Travis W.

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